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Our mission is to provide architects, building owners, and contractors the resources for innovative facade design with a service-focused, hands-on approach to our projects. We utilize our manufacturing knowledge alongside our understanding of the building envelope to develop wall systems that meet architectural, performance, and cost requirements for our partners.

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Ultra-High Performance Wall System

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


We are your wall—one system, one supplier, one warranty. Our Ultra-High Performance Wall System is a prefabricated unitized wall system that combines Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Schüco windows, mineral wool insulation and a sealed back pan into one integrated system. These wall systems are manufactured in our Orlando factory and are shipped to the jobsite as a finished wall.


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is a Class A fire and smoke rated composite material made using Portland cement, sand, aggregate and alkali resistant glass fiber. It has excellent flexural strength and impact resistant properties. GFRC panels are produced in a spray-up process to make architectural wall cladding in a variety of shapes, patterns, textures and colors.


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete can be used either as a permanent formwork or set into traditional concrete forms as a formliner. GFRC acts as an architectural finish to structure columns and slab edges while providing a highly durable, low vapor barrier to the underlying concrete.